Assist Reach

WorldReach’s person-centric consular case management solution, AssistReach , enables consular staff to electronically create and track all aspects of each consular service request, incident or interaction with a citizen in a collaborative manner at both the headquarters and mission level.

Crisis Reach

CrisisReach is a comprehensive integrated person-centric crisis management solution that provides the ideal balance of proactive and reactive tools and extends the reach of a government beyond its borders to help provide assistance to citizens in need – wherever the crisis may occur.

Passport Reach

PassportReach supports all phases of secure document issuance at home and aboard such as data capture, entitlement & identity processing, scanning, tracking and personalization in the case of overseas, temporary or emergency travel documents.

Visa Reach

VisaReach is a SaaS-based, cost effective, easy to implement solution that significantly improves the ETA and eVisa security screening process for immigration agencies to facilitate the electronic clearance of low-risk travellers.